Security & Investigation

Your business or law firm needs to gather, analyze, and present reliable information. Our investigators are licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Pennsylvania with a combined 75 years of experience in the areas of business, civil, and criminal investigations.

Cyber Security Readiness

Our work on your cyber security readiness begins with an assessment divided into seven major tenets of operational security, following NIST and FFIEC standards. From governance and oversight to vendor dependency to physical security, we cover all bases to identify vulnerabilities and close security gaps.

Incident Management

Business resilience and reputation management have never been more important than they are today. From suspicious internal activity to social media threats, you need experts to discover what's wrong and develop a plan of attack.

How Secure Is Your Infrastructure?

Your technology enables you do amazing things quickly. That same way of doing business today can expose you to business-crippling threats. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Does your Wi-Fi access meet current standards?
  • Track and document information security incidents?
  • Secure mobile devices to protect data?
  • Have a network access control policy?
  • Enforce a password policy that meets today's standards?
  • Ensure your contracts comport with cybersecurity liability?
  • Operate with a physical environment protection policy?

Our team assesses your current capabilities and offers best practices for meeting rigorous standards.


Cyber Security Assessment

How vulnerable is your business to cybercrime? The only way to know is to do a full assessment of your operational practices and technology. Our analysts capture those practices and score them on a maturity scale with detailed notation.

After establishing a baseline, we identify your greatest vulnerabilities and assemble a recommended action plan, guiding your next steps. Resources and best practices come together in an efficient and cost-effective program.

Investigation Services

Our licensed professionals cover the range of investigation services necessary to discover and address business, civil, and criminal activities. They include:

  • Civil and criminal investigations
  • Employee theft and misconduct
  • Background checks
  • Computer forensics
  • Due diligence
  • Evidence gathering and analysis
  • Security assessments
  • Process services
Cyber Investigation
Hard Drive Forensics

Incident Management

Many cybercrimes emanate from within an organization. Employees are either careless or intentionally involved an illegal activity. We are able to investigate and analyze what is happening internally to get to the root causes. You or your legal counsel can trust us with hardware that needs a documented chain of custody along with full protections.

Social Media Brand Attacks

Disgruntled ex-employees, vendors, and others may have an axe to grind through social media outlets, including business review websites. The harm to business operations and sales is very real. Our team can assess the situation and work with you on a strategy that minimizes the damage and plans for future readiness.


Next Steps...

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