Vulnerability Assessments Bring Security and Reduce Liability

In today’s environment, nothing makes more sense in the business community than making your employees and customers safe while limiting your company’s liability. Although no one can accurately predict unwanted incidents, many proactive employers can mitigate areas where the company is vulnerable. A vulnerability assessment (VA) conducted by trained professionals can certainly accomplish this task.

The main goal of a vulnerability assessment is to complete a comprehensive analysis of your location and surrounding area. This analysis is done by analysts who offer a “fresh set of eyes” and who do not see the environment on a daily basis. Analysts will do a variety of things, including interviewing random employees, evaluating security systems, reviewing policies, and considering surveillance capabilities.

With a complete a written report, companies can form a plan to address security concerns and ultimately limit their liability should an incident occur. Here are several considerations related to vulnerability assessments:

  • Recognize the need for safety and security. The fact that “nothing has ever happened before” is not a prudent way to view the current operating environment in our society. Business interrupting incidents can occur spontaneously.
  • Evaluate existing infrastructure. Many times, a review of the functionality of locks and doors can improve the overall security of the business.
  • Utilize experienced analysts. Vulnerabilities that are frequently overlooked by employees due to familiarity are frequently identified by experienced analysts.
  • Formulate a plan. It is important to make the identified findings and recommendations actionable. This is a process that might take some time, but you must form a plan and act.

The working premise of a vulnerability assessment is based upon the belief that creating a safe and secure environment is a process. A full review of policies, in addition to a physical evaluation of facilities and environment and accompanying interviews with employees will result in a safer and more secure environment.

For more information about a VA, contact Cyber Protection Bureau analysts who can provide a comprehensive assessment to keep your employees and assets safe while limiting potential liability.